Charlie de la Barre de Nanteuil and his wife Julia are now the proud owners of the Globe Inn located at 70 Rossi Street Yass. It’s an exciting new chapter for them both.

“What’s really great is it is so beautiful now and such a charming building. We fell in love with it and bought it as a house,” said Mr de la Barre de Nanteuil. “But we are just running it as a bed and breakfast in the interim and finding it really fun so we might continue doing it.”

They purchased the property at the beginning of September and continued its operation as a bed and breakfast, welcoming their first guests on the 17th of September.

Charlie and Julia, along with their two daughters, have taken up residence in the building while opening the extra rooms for guests. The de la Barre de Nanteuil family resides on the first floor; however, there is still plenty of space in the house.

The upstairs area features three queen-sized bedrooms and one family-sized suite containing a queen and two singles. The garden room connected to the back on the first floor features a queen bed. All the rooms have a bathroom attached for the guest’s convenience.

When asked about the history of the Globe Inn, built in 1847, Mr de la Barre de Nanteuil said he has learnt a small piece of it and is excited to learn more as they have the establishment longer. However, he was able to say that the Globe was designed to be an inn, and it stayed that way for around forty to fifty years. In the years following it has been a boarding house and then flats, before it was restored in the 1990s to resume its original role.

Charlie enthusiastically told The Times about the windows being wholly original and showed off the ballroom and balcony area. More furniture has been placed in the ballroom to make it a centerpiece of the guests experience at the Globe Inn. The balcony connects to the ballroom which provides a relaxing open-air experience looking out to the historic Yass Police station and courthouse.

“It feels like living in an English village; you hear the bells and the sounds of Mt Carmel school. The kids can walk to school, Julia and myself can walk around the corner to the Yazzbar or a coffee shop. Having been on a farm for the past 22 years, it’s nice to be in the centre of Yass.”

The Globe Inn was booked out for the October long weekend and has had a steady stream of guests since the couple took over. With school holidays and COVID restrictions stopping people from travelling interstate and internationally, the Globe Inn is a great little place to get away for a few days and enjoy the Yass lifestyle.

“We took the first guests on the 17th of September. We are total greenhorns but really enjoying the experience. We’ve had positive feedback so far, which is good, I haven’t turned out to be Basil Fawlty,” joked Charlie while Julia laughed and replied, “that you know of.”

When asked what the most enjoyable thing about running bed and breakfast is, both Charlie and Julia agreed on the social aspect of meeting people and showing off the Inn’s best features.

“You buy a house like this and are so chuffed because it is so beautiful. All the proportions are nice, the woodwork, the walls, windows and floors. It’s Australian cedar, and the staircase is so charming. We love to show people its beauty and it’s great to see people enjoy it,” said Charlie.

Charlie has his own company called La Barre Olives which produces a wide range of olive oils, vinegar and other condiments. The Olives are grown in two locations at the old home of the de la barre de Nanteuil family, Hardwick Stud and on a property in Cowra. While they have sold Hardwick Stud for the Globe Inn in Yass, they still have the Olive garden active for the La Barre Olives business.

Charlie uses his products while cooking for the guests at the Globe Inn and said it’s great to be able to showcase them for people staying in the Inn.