Jane Ling officially opened her studio, I Spray Tans, in Yass recently after operating a specialist tanning studio in Canberra for the last eight years.

Jane said she wanted to open a niche business to specialize in tanning and has been blessed with a great clientele ever since.

“Women were looking for a way to feel confident & glamorous without the risk of too much sunshine,” she said.

“I specialize in one thing, spray tanning, and I will always do my very best to make sure it’s perfect.

Jane said she enjoys the challenge of running her own business and meeting friendly clients. It’s fulfilling but also allows her to focus on her three children she said.

“I’ve had an amazing studio built specifically to cater for spray tanning in a private setting.”

But Jane is very flexible with her opening hours, and times are available to see on her online booking and Facebook page – I Spray Tans.

Jane said her family likes the local, friendly community way of life in Yass that you can’t get in a city.

“We grew up in a small town, so we always hoped our three kids could grow up in a small town as well.”

Jane said last year her and her family decided to move back into a town setting where they could be near schools and the community.

“We consulted and employed a local builder, Daniel Smith to build the studio and Beau Dunley for landscaping,” Jane said. “They have both been wonderful and have done such a fantastic job, working very long and hard to get ready for the opening.”

“I’d had lots of demand from regular clients who were happy to travel, luckily some lived in the Yass Valley and were knocking on the door day one, so I’m already busy.”

“Remember, too much sun isn’t good for you,” Jane said. “Make sure to stay hydrated and if you want a glow – now you know where to go!”

By Brianna O’Rourke