Councillor Mike Reid will be standing for the Yass Valley Council Elections for his second term this December. He has lived in Murrumbateman for 35 years and was “retired” for 15 of those after a career in computer operations, software sales, consultancy and teaching.

The reason he stood for Council last term, Mike says, was because of the support he had received from the council on several matters in the past. Particularly during his successful campaign for a primary school in Murrumbateman and a stage at the recreation grounds.

“We managed to get some grants from Council and then going through that process I met the people there and I thought, ‘Wow, we don’t really give the credit to the people that we should be giving it to’.”

“My reason for standing was to see if I could bridge the gap in the communications field,” Mike said. By showing the Council the problems in Murrumbateman and in turn showing locals what the council is about.

“Personally, I’m what I consider to be a problem solver,” he said. “I like to find solutions to situations, and [being a councillor] gives me an opportunity to do that to some degree.”

During his term Mike helped to implement 11 bus stops in Murrumbateman and a 15- year plan of bridges in just two or three years’ time.

Yet he remains a modest man – “I don’t think it’s my achievement, I’ve been working with a team of people,” he said.

However, Mike says he regrets that he couldn’t personally bring about more play equipment and recreational areas for Murrumbateman in his last term.

If re-elected, he says he hopes to achieve water assurance for more cost-effective housing in Murrumbateman to increase investment in the area.

Though the school is a state government matter, not a council matter, Mike says it will be nice to see that happen and believes we will see some significant improvement within the year.

“By the time the next drought comes along,” Mike said. “We should have a plan for the amenities building going in [Murrumbateman Oval] at the end of this year that will improve the grounds significantly.”

Mike says he would also like to see the Murrumbateman Markets expanded and hopes for more undercover space in the area. “The cover for the markets could also be a basketball or netball area,” he said.

“It doesn’t have to be an enclosed hall, it can simply be something with a roof over the top that allows for those sports and then when they’re not in play, we could use them for markets.”

To follow Mike’s campaign head over to the Councillor Mike Reid – Yass Valley Facebook page.

By Brianna O’Rourke

Photo: Mike Reid (Supplied)