Can Assist and SPIN (supporting people in need) fundraising efforts were the real winners from today’s by-election turn-out. The brisk weather made the democratic sausages even sweeter and it was impossible to walk past the half-frozen volunteers at the CanAssist raffle table without spending an appreciative dollar or two.

sausage sizzling start to election day

Sausage sizzling start to election day

Ad for Patrick's butchery

SPIN mascot and Barry O'Mara

SPIN mascot & Barry O’Mara were all smiles

Can Assist volunteer raffle efforts were rewarded

Voters aghast at the treatment of the Yass Soldiers Memorial Hall gardens and surrounds are not alone in their ire. Yass Valley Times has already been contacted with bitter complaints as to the state of the gardens in front of and behind the cenotaph. The gardens have been staked out with wooden poles and candidate signage to a degree never before witnessed in Yass. ‘Never mind the roses’ seems to be the policy statement least appreciated by voters this election day in Yass.

Election Day - Yass Soldiers Memorial Hall gardens staked oyt with candidate signage

Never mind the roses – Election candidate signage staked throughout the Yass Soldiers Memorial Hall gardens called a disgrace by upset voters today.

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