Local resident Gwen Spencer has joined the very exclusive club of Yass residents 100 or over, with her birthday having passed on Monday the 21st of August. In celebrating this monumental achievement, Gwen enjoyed the company of family in an early birthday celebration with many in attendance to celebrate the life and longevity of a woman they dearly describe as “the best mum”. 


The Yass Valley Times spoke with Gwen to mark this occasion, discussing the highlights throughout the century, her love of her family, how it feels to reach such a milestone, and advice for the youth of Yass Valley. 

Gwen Spencer celebrated her 100th birthday in Yass

Born in Binalong, Gwen has spent her life in the Yass Valley, and has seen multiple generations come through the region, currently enjoying the privilege of having great-grandchildren.


On her reaction and feelings towards turning 100, Gwen remarked that she felt good, and was overall happy to simply be surrounded by the people she loved. 


 “I feel very good. I’m very happy to be amongst my family. I’m a family person, and I like to always be with them, that suits me fine”, said Gwen,


“I’m not doing too bad, though I’m a pretty old codger”.

Gwen addressed her family very endearingly throughout the conversation, showing her love for her family and their role at the centre of her heart and seemingly the highlight of her life. 


“I have a good family and I’m very proud of them. I love my family, I’m no good without them”, said Gwen, 


“They always come to be with me. They look after me when I need them. We’re all in it together”. 


When asked about the highlights of her life, Gwen fondly remembers the times she had with her now late husband, including dances, outings together, and the night they first met. 


 “Any time my husband and I went out I always had fun, any time we went dancing. I remember going to a ball and I was dressed in a beautiful dress, plenty of skirts on it. We both met there”. 


On advice for the young of the Yass Valley with their whole lives ahead of them, Gwen simply says to be good and you shall find good in return. 


“Be good. From someone who knows, all good comes from good. Look after yourself”


While compared to Queen Elizabeth in appearance and age throughout her life, Gwen, like every other Commonwealth citizen, will receive a letter from His Majesty Charles III to congratulate her centennial birthday and milestone. 


Griffin Palen