As the Yass Valley gets ready to face the summer ahead, residents looking to keep on top of garden and lawn irrigation, pools, pipelines, pumps and all things related to preserving and using water needn’t look further than Irrigear Yass, the one-stop shop and local experts for all things water. 


Specialising in a wide array of items, services, interests and sectors including Turf and gardens, Agricultural needs, Industrial needs, Pool and spa, Landscaping, Water Filtration and Purification, Valves, Pipes, Fittings, Connectors, Sprinklers, Tanks and so much more, Irrigear is an Australian leader in water and fluid management, meeting the growth experienced in all sectors, rural, farming, government and residential.


On top of their expertise, Irrigear offers a local touch, as while existing in the wider Irrigear buying group, Irrigear Yass is independently owned and operated, meeting local market needs and operating under the brand as a banner for local, independent retailers around the country.


“We’re locally managed and locally owned, and we make our own decisions. We’re not bound by a corporate head office to sell what they want us to. We’re able to customise our offering to what’s required locally”, said owner Charlie McDonald, 


“We understand the local market and we seek to service the local market the best we can. Irrigear gives us the tools to do that but doesn’t make demands of us”. 


This local touch extends to how Irrigear operates within the community, hiring locally and supporting local events and clubs as a way to give back to the community.

“We have local staff, everyone lives in or around the Yass Valley here, the money stays in Yass”, said Charlie,


“We also put back into Yass, we sponsor the Golf Club, The Yass Roos, the Magpies and various others, so we try and put back into the town so it’s not all take”. 

Opening in Yass some three years ago, Irrigear came to meet the requirements of the Yass Valley and fill the needs of the community, bringing with them the experience and skills from their Goulburn store. 


“We’ve only been here for about three years. We also own a shop in Goulburn, and we were getting lots of calls to come over here and do repairs where they couldn’t get people in from Young or Canberra, and that’s when we decided we needed to open a store in Yass. We have plenty of experience from our Goulburn shop. We opened Yass and it’s been fantastic”, said Charlie. 

As mentioned, as the weather warms many are looking to how they’ll manage their water, especially with news of a dry summer ahead and fears of drought conditions. Charlie recommends getting your water systems sorted now, not only to get ahead of the dry weather but also as a safeguard against fires and inevitable weathering of water systems.


“It’s looking like it’s going to be a dry summer, so don’t leave things to the last minute. Look at your systems and see how robust it’s going to be when things start to get dry, and get on to us to get something done. I reckon there’s going to be a fire risk. Almost prepared isn’t prepared. Jump on the problem before it becomes a problem”, said Charlie. 

See Yass Irrigear for all your solar pump solutions

So, for those interested who want to jump on what Irrigear has to offer now, Charlie provides a warm welcome, promising good, reliable service and sound advice.


 “We cover a wide area, our service teams are always out and about and in the shop we are happy to give free advice. So come have a talk.”

 The Yass Valley Times welcomes Yass Irrigear as our major sponsor of the Saleyards Report

Griffin Palen