Come along to Zac’s Place on March 22 to learn how to nurture your mind, body, and spirit from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in a taste tester of the Holistic Wellness Programs on offer at Yass.

It is a gratefulness practice, all-abilities yoga, guided meditation, and dancing. Health means something different to everyone, but everyone agrees on one thing, embodying wellness practices that nurture all parts of you, will leave you feeling much better as a whole. You will walk away feeling a sense of inner peace, an elevated mood, and with a positive mindset about what you can do for yourself every day to feel better.

Mellissa de Jong of the Holistic Wellness classes believes there is a revolution going on in the world of health. “Everyone is starting to see the bigger picture of wellness, which is holistic which is looking at mind, body, and spirit. The world is moving away from thinking that there is just one solution to make you feel better especially the older population or regional communities,” she said.

Mellissa de Jong

“We do need GPs and they’re really important, but it doesn’t paint the entire picture, it might just give you symptom relief, but it’s not going to help you elevate your mood or give you more energy. The whole concept for the senior’s weekend is a mini version of the big event, which is running on April 7.
“We’ve got four things happening, I’m going to be doing a gratefulness practice, which runs like a little meditation that’s for the mind and the spirit. We’ve got some gentle dancing, some ballet, which I know sounds ridiculous for seniors, but it’s like how ballet dancers use the bar, it’s actually going to be similar to that so the seniors will have their chairs, or their walkers or whatever they may be using.”

Ballet dancing is to offer something fun and upbeat while also being conscious of the age and movement restrictions the seniors may have. “I’m going to be running another guided meditation, which is going to be about quieting the mind but I’m also going to combine that with a forgiveness practice, which is really beautiful, that’s also for the mind and the spirit. We’ve got somebody coming in and doing Qigong which is a very gentle way to move your body but also move energy throughout the body. You can get quite stiff in certain areas, and she can teach special movements which actually creates very relaxed movements it can relieve some of the tenderness that you tend to feel in the joints and if you do regularly, you get quite strong.

“It will be three hours; we’ll do 30 minutes for each practice. They’ll feel quite relaxed and joyful and elevated mood and leave with a smile on their face.”
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Jack Murray