Amanda Miller (pictured above) is taking on the 4x4x48 challenge to raise money for Ben Harding and his family after he was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer earlier this year.

The devastating news rocked the Harding family and has been felt by many throughout the community.

The 37-year-old is husband to Clare and father to two children – Darcy, 10, and Alexis, 8.

Since the diagnosis, Ben has had several surgical procedures to help make him more comfortable and manage what symptoms of cancer they can, but this has not been without complications and further procedures to correct a failed stoma.

He will have a couple of weeks of recovery then, under the care of a specialist oncology team at the Canberra Hospital, Ben will start aggressive chemotherapy on March 9.

Amanda is running the David Goggins 4x4x48 challenge to raise funds for the out-of-pocket costs to the Harding family throughout Ben’s treatment, including specialist appointments, scans, medications, travel and time off work for both Ben and Clare.

The challenge involves running 4miles (6.4km) every 4 hours for 48hours. Covering a total distance of 48 miles (76.8km).

Amanda will complete each leg around the streets of Yass beginning the challenge at 8am on March 4 with the last leg starting at 8am on Sunday, March 6.

Her last leg of the challenge will be accompanied by a barbecue with bacon and egg rolls at Riverbank Park from 8am provided by the Murrumbateman Little Athletics Club. The funds generated from this will also go towards aiding the Harding family.

Amanda met Ben and Clare when she worked at a local daycare helping to care for their children. She said she’s doing the 4x4x48 challenge because it’s going to be difficult and there will be a lot of fatigue and pain.

“A lot of it’s going to be a difficult challenge to do throughout the night, and then getting up and getting enough sleep,” she said.

“But in my eyes, it’s nothing compared to what that family is going through at the moment and compared to what they’ve already been through and what they’re going to go through.”

“I can finish this event and I can finish this run and that’s it for me,” Amanda said. “Whereas these guys are going to be carrying it for a long time, so it doesn’t even register for me.”

“I just feel like if I can do anything for them to ease that a little bit, then I’m going to do that.”

The community has raised $6,795 for the Harding family at the time of writing and to donate head to family

By Brianna O’Rourke