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Sam McGregor, accomplished special agent and detective, has recently moved from his Baker Street London Apartment to Yass Valley’s own Fairley Square in Murrumbateman. Mr McGregor will be residing in Murrumbateman over the course of his business trip, during which he will investigate a number of mysteries and crimes that have been troubling the Yass community for some time now.

“I was drawn to Murrumbateman because of the number of unsolved mysteries surrounding the village,” said Mr McGregor.

“My assistant Mr Watson and I will be investigating several thrilling conundrums including rumours of treasure worth billions of dollars hidden by foreign spies underneath the new Murrumbateman Public School in a secret vault,” he advised.

According to Mr McGregor, the Murrumbateman Public School P&C are the only people with any knowledge of the treasure’s whereabouts, and as they refuse to share any information on the issue, it will take a world-class detective special agent like Mr McGregor with Mr Watson to uncover this mystery.

Murrumbateman Public School P&C has been contacted for comment. 

In the past, Mr McGregor has undertaken several dangerous investigations, such as exposing criminals and their schemes by infiltrating their homes and using the smallest of details to see a larger picture and plan afoot. One of Mr McGregor’s most thrilling successes was when he uncovered a murderous plot to steal an inherited fortune, through his close attention to a stolen shoe and phosphorus painted on a large dog to create a monstrous hound.

Mr Watson, who assists Mr McGregor in all his investigations and special agent work, said that the secret to Mr McGregor’s genius skill was his dyslexia.

“Everybody knows that people with dyslexia struggle to read and write and often require extra support, but the many strengths of those with the condition are often overlooked,” said Mr Watson.

People with dyslexia have a strong memory for stories, excellent puzzle solving skills, brilliant spacial reasoning, and are abstract and critical thinkers. This is why some of the world’s great thinkers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and billionaires happen to be dyslexic.

“Many people with dyslexia have become very successful business people, such as Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. Many have gone on to be successful in the arts due to their creative abilities, such as Andy Warhol and Steven Spielberg,” explained the Code Read Dyslexia Network.

Mr McGregor is no exception to this pattern and is one of the world’s most celebrated special agent detectives. By seeing the big picture through many seemingly insignificant clues and pieces of evidence, his detective work changes the way we should think about dyslexia.

If you have a mystery that needs solving, visit the celebrated Sam McGregor Special Agent Detective at his new Australian headquarters at Fairley Square, Murrumbateman.

Southerly Jones

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