On Tuesday 2nd of August at Goulburn, the Rev. Judy Heggart received the Police Commissioner’s Safety Award for her chaplaincy work at Yass Police Station. The award acknowledges NSW Police Force members for their contributions to safety. The Ceremony was hosted by District Commander Superintendent Paul Condon.

Rev. Heggart is an integral part of the police force, providing ongoing support to police officers as they carry out their duties. Police work is a demanding job that can often be traumatic or stressful in many ways, so the support provided by Police Chaplins like Rev. Heggart is vital to maintaining good mental health for Police officers and staff and encouraging them to continue in their important work. 

‘Judy is very important to us, it is inspiring to have Judy as our police chaplain. I would go to the extent of saying she looks after us at the station and visits us regularly, especially if police have been involved in traumatic incidents,’ said Inspector David Cowell, Officer in Charge at Yass Police Station.

‘She is there for support and encouragement. Judy lifts morale immediately, just by her presence alone.

Her presence is invaluable to all the staff here at the station,’ Inspector Cowell continued.

The Rev. Heggart was among 42 other members of the NSW Police Force across the Hume District who received awards. Over 80 medals were presented during the ceremony, including the Safety award Rev. Heggart received. The awards ceremony was long overdue due to Covid restrictions preventing gatherings over the past couple of years. Recipients were both sworn and unsworn and included retired employees of the NSW Police Force. All recipients received recognition for their duties and actions above and beyond their duties.

Five other Police Officers from Yass Police Station received awards. Senior Constable Mitchell Luskan received the NSW Police Medal for 10 years of diligent and ethical service and the Region Commander’s certificate of merit.

Senior Constable Craig Smallwood received the National Emergency Medal and District Commander’s Commendation as a result of his duties during the 2019-2020 black summer bushfires.

Inspector David Cowell

Inspector David Cowell received the NSW Police Medal – 4th Clasp, for 30 years of diligent and ethical service, and the Warrant of Commission and District Commander’s Commendation.

Detective Senior Constable Craig Sleigh received the National Police Service Medal and the NSW Police Medal – 1st Clasp, for 15 Years of diligent and ethical service.

Sergeant Vladimir Mijok received the National Police Service Medal, the NSW Police medal – 1st Clasp, for 15 years of diligent and ethical service, and the Region Commander’s Unit Citation.

L-R Senior Constable Mitchell Luskan, Senior Constable Craig Smallwood, Inspector David Cowell, Reverend Judy Heggart Police Chaplin, Detective Senior Constable Craig Sleigh, Senior Constable Vladimir Mijok