The 160th Yass Show was yet another success, which was enjoyed by all. The Times ventured around the Yass Showgrounds chatting with award winners and punters in the crowd. Below are some of the highlights of the day and the best responses from the community.

87-year-old Roy Bush-Jam Champion, next to his prize-winning fig jam reveals his secrets to our readers passed down by his mother Audrey.

Roy Bush Jam Champion

“I’ve been making jam since when I was helping my mum stir the pot.

“I cook all the jam you see here today and bring it over here and put it in the show.

“When I cook my jams I think of my mum, Audrey. She could cook jam. There were two boys and eight girls in the family. I was born in Tumut but we’ve been around here all the time.

“My secret is sugar and a little bit of water, not much, just enough to stop it sticking to the bottom of the pot, and the fruit.

“There’s fig jam, blackberry, cherry, melon and pineapple and melon and pineapple.

“I got first place for the fig jam, second prize for the cherry jam and third prize for the blackberry jam.

“I get the fruit which is grown on my daughter’s place at Gundaroo. The blackberries, I’ve got a big vine in my backyard, and go out into Uriarra Forest and pick some too.

“I’m from Canberra and have got a daughter that lives in Yass and my other daughter who lives in the Yass Shire.”

Awarded Supreme Rider at the Yass Show – 15 yr-old Adele Whitechurch from Murrumbateman on 10-year-old Bella Scenica.

Adele Whitechurch from Murrumbateman on 10-yr-old Bella Scenica

“I was in the open hack, rider and child hack. I’m turning 15 this year. I’m from Murrumbateman and Canberra.

“My favourite thing about coming to the Yass Show is just being here and the horse events.

“I just won the Supreme Rider. It’s the highest for a rider class, you get first, then champion, then supreme, in the under 17s.

“I was up against two other competitors. I had to take my horse through a workout, with different trots.

“Bella and I ride four times a week, so it’s a lot.”

Yass Show 2023 – children’s activities included the bucket and spade sand-filling race

Janet Murray from Queanbeyan and Chris Taylor from the South Coast came to Yass, especially for the 160th show and enjoyed the produce displays.

Janet Murray from Queanbeyan and Chris Taylor

“We wanted to come to the show, this is our second show. Both of my sons live here and are married,” Janet said.

“I like the photography. The photos are absolutely beautiful. We enjoy the woodchop, so we’re going to see that. I used to be in the woodchop down the South Coast, so I always enjoy that,” Chris said.

“We feel at home when we walk through the gates. It’s lovely, relaxing and great to see the children doing so much.

“Yass has lovely people and is a pretty spot. Come to the Yass Show.”

Yass Show 2023 – The chips were flying fast as the axe blows echoed across Yass Showground

Yass Show 2023 – The wood chop is always a crowd favourite

Yass Show 2023 – First prize and champion ribbon went to Zara Schulte for her zuchinni in the ‘any other vegetable’ division

Yass 511 Fire & Rescue Deputy Captain Nicholas Whiting & Yass Firefighter Naomi Eccleston

“I think it’s a really good thing that we’ve got the Yass Show on this year. It’s good to be able to interact with everyone, including kids, adults, fire safety, as well as recruiting as well,” Yass 511 Deputy Captain Nicholas Whiting said.

“It’s a very important thing for our community to have locals on board.

“We’re trying to push a lot for daytime availability in terms of commitment of hours throughout the week. Typically, hours 9am-5pm.

“People have their own jobs outside of that, but it’s a perfect role for anyone that works from home, for themselves or just looking for that extra income.”

“It’s the best job in the world. I love Yass 511 and I just love the team here. They are great to work with and we are a little family. It’s so much fun,” Fire fighter Naomi Eccleston added.

“You can work it into your lifestyle, as well as any family around work as well. You pretty much just make it work for you.

“You go through a training course. You have your phase one and phase two. That’s to get your initial training done.

“Then once you’re in, you can do more courses, including rescue and motor driver and then just little courses along the line as well.

Shae Gayler and daughter Audrey Gayler tour the art exhibits and are drawn to the judge’s choice and first-place winner ‘Louis’ – oil on board by Prue Jervis.

Shae Gayler and daughter Audrey Gayler

“This has been the first Yass Show I’ve been able to come to. We went to the petting zoo and it was really fun. We love the animals,” Shae said.

“I like looking at all of it, I’m going to take Audrey to get some food and a show bag.

“Today brings up some memories of going to Shows when I was a kid. My nan used to put cakes into Shows, so that was fun to watch and to see if she got a prize or not.

“In school I went to a Canberra show when I lived out in Uriarra, but now live in Yass.”

Yass Show 2023 – Jyelee Bogan won first prize and Champion for this artwork in the category of painting and or graphics – intermediate years 9-10

Yass Show 2023 – A whimsical artwork titled Normal Sheep with crocheted detail won 1st prize in mixed media for artist Audrey Helliwell

Gypsy and Zeva Barker admiring the Lego exhibits and Jake Pholi – Gold Rush camp Lego creator 1st place winner and Grand Champion Junior exhibits.

Gypsy & Zeva Barker & Jake Pholi

“I was really into Australian history and just thought that it would be a good idea to stick with what I like,” Jake said.

“We planned it on a piece of paper then started building. Then I ordered pieces online and then started building,” Jake said.

“It took me about two weeks to complete. We started with the hill and then transformed it. I pulled some pieces off that I didn’t think would be great there. Then added green blocks for the greenery and shrubs.

“My favourite part was the tent. It was very tricky to do but once I did it, it’s probably the best thing I’ve done.

“My advice for any kids who are into Lego is ‘go for it’, don’t hold back, actually do it.

“I am 12 years old and have created this out of my own imagination.

“My dad likes Lego and showed me some techniques, so I’ve done a couple of these.”

Lorraine Ball from Yass admiring artwork by Mt Carmel students Years 3-4 Group work on Yass Valley Times newspaper copy featuring local superheroes such as Father Peter – dedicated to helping members of the St Augustine’s Parish.

Lorraine Ball from Yass admiring artwork by Mt Carmel students

“I live in Yass and come to the Show most years since I’ve been in Yass. I’ve lived in Yass for three years now, formally from Cairns.

“I like the community feel when coming to the Yass Show, it’s what it’s all about.

“I like looking at everything from arts and crafts to horses.”

Yass Show 2023 – Berinba Public School’s soup cans of kindness, charity and respect entry from 5-6B won first prize


2-year-old Joseph Davis from Canberra who has grandparents in Yass enjoyed his visit to the Yass Show baby animal experience the best.

“My parents are in Yass, I live in Canberra. We’ve come over to Yass for today to come and see the animals,” said Mrs Davis

“Joseph loves all animals but especially the alpacas.”

2-year-old Joseph Davis

Will and Nate Ma’Afu from Marchmont are delighted with the baby animals during their 2nd ever Yass Show.

Will and Nate Ma’Afu

“This is our second Yass Show, we try and come every year. We’re from Yass,” Isabelle Riley said.

“We’ve seen the magician, seen a few stores and had some crepes, but we’re looking forward to a good day.”

Vintage cars added to the nostalgic atmosphere of the 160th Yass Show

Yass Show 2023 – winning cakes and slices on show

Yass Show 2023 – Walls of colour with art and flower exhibits in the roundhouse at Yass Show

Yass Show 2023 – This striking display of marigolds in the cut flower arrangement exhibits earned John and Lyn Anderson the Champion ribbon

Yass Show 2023 – first prize to Judith McColl for her blue and white arrangement

Yass Show 2023 – Grand Champion Helen MacArther for her ‘foraging in the bushland and woodland’ arrangement

Yass Show 2023 – Flower exhibit Champion and Rose challenge winners John and Lyn Anderson

Jasmin Jones, Tim Warren