Last week the Labor Party through their leader Chris Minns stated “The Wakefield Park Raceway is hugely important to Goulburn, providing not just driver training programs and recreational driving opportunities, but also tourism dollars and jobs.” When announcing a $1 million package for the race track.

Labor candidate for Goulburn Michael Pilbrow said,  “Wakefield Park is a Goulburn institution that is cherished dearly by our community. I am proud that a Minns Labor government will save Wakefield Park and ensure that jobs stay in this region.”

Tuckerman has responded by stating, “Labor’s announcement is not a real solution. This is buying a headline – and not much else.

Photo credit: Darryl Bullock

This morning’s (Tuesday 24 January) announcement by Labor demonstrates that they have absolutely no understanding of the issue at the heart of Wakefield Park’s closure, they have not consulted the committee and management.

Tuckerman has accused Labor of not listening to the decision of the organisation.

She said, “They have received their advice from a single rogue committee member which doesn’t reflect the decision of the organisation.”

As a government, we are working with the owners to achieve the best outcome for their business, the future of Motorsport in NSW and NSW taxpayers.

As the local member, I’m working on a plan to fix the noise issue, working on a plan to get the facility open, and working on a plan to protect the facility into the future.

I can guarantee you $1million will not be enough to make Wakefield Park viable for the owners to reopen the track.

Ordering the Department of Planning, Goulburn Mulwaree Council and Office of Sport to collaborate on a plan to reopen Wakefield Park Raceway offers nothing more than what we’ve already been doing for some time.

I am committed to a true solution for Wakefield Park, not a band-aid fix. Nothing changes with this announcement – it’s not a plan for the future. We’ll have more to say in the future, hand in hand with the owners.

Further update from local Member Wendy Tuckerman:

Great to catch up with CEO, Steve White and Vice President Bruce Robertson of Benalla Auto Club Inc – owners of Wakefield Park, and Bill O’Gorman – a well-known figure in the motorsport industry. For the record, as per my statement yesterday, both parties confirmed that Labor had not consulted with the owners of Wakefield Park and “up to $1M” will not get the park reopened. BAC has advised me they still do not have an agreement on the future of the facility but the committee will be meeting on Friday to progress the issue. It is important that we respect that this is a private business that will ultimately choose their best pathway forward. But let me be clear. The Liberal Government are committed to a future of motorsport in Goulburn.

A petition to re-open the track, sponsored by Shadow Minister for Sport Julia Finn, gained nearly 29,000 signatures in the space of three weeks in October 2022.

It is estimated that Wakefield Park generates a total economic output of $17.06 million annually for the Goulburn Mulwaree regional economy.