Well-known Yass local Jamie Duncan is set to shave his mighty head of hair and facial hair next month at the Yass Christmas Parade event to help raise money for the SPIN Foundation (Supporting People In Need).

Duncan who works at Yass Aldi, along with store manager Tracey Beadman, has started a movement amongst staff, with other staff members also shaving or colouring their hair in support. 

Jamie Duncan and Tracey Beadman Yass Aldi Store Manager who tipped off The Times that Duncan’s famous locks will go for a good cause

Beadman spoke to The Times about how the initiative got off the ground.

“Jamie’s obviously quite hairy, he kind of looks like Forest Gump after the run. That’s the best way that I can describe him,” Beadman joked.

“I’ve been trying to get him to shave his beard or something for a while. He is now doing it for charity. As a team, we’re going to all do it together. 

“Jamie is a massive part of our team. We all want to get in and support him in any way we can.

“Some of us are going to lose hair. I’ve convinced my boss, the executive manager, to dye her hair. We’ve also invited the directors of Aldi to come along.

 “We’ve done everything that we needed to do for Aldi corporate the other day, and we are going to see how they are going to get involved.”

Beadman also explained what the goal of the fundraising is and how it will be reached.

Jamie Duncan photographed as a volunteer for Yass Public School’s Murrumbateman Field Day’s food stall

“He’ll get his beard and head shaved, but what we’re going to do is auction off who is going to shave his head. So, we’re going to take bids on who wants to do it,” Beadman explained.

“It’ll take place at the Yass Christmas Parade on the 15th of December. We haven’t actually worked out the logistics on how that will take place just yet. We are going to speak to Barry O’Mara, President of the SPIN Foundation, to get it all sorted.

“We’d like to raise an absolute minimum of $5,000. 

Click on the link to get Jamie’s Go-fund-me fundraising campaign started

“Once we reach $5000, that’s enough for us to shave Jamie’s head. Once we reach $7,000, we’ll shave his beard as well. So, we’re just going to keep going up.

“Jamie has mixed feelings on it, he hasn’t been clean shaven for a very long time. I’m sure that even his wife is extremely stoked that he will be a little bit clean shaven.”

Tim Warren