Yass Vine Church is hoping to raise funds for the Cancer Council of Australia and will be holding ‘The Biggest Morning Tea’ event on Saturday, 13th May, commencing at 10 am and wrapping up at 2 pm. Various activities, entertainment, and food will be available, including coffee and tea. Vine Church’s head pastor Gary Brown and co-leader of the kitchen events ministry team Maddy Burrell, got in touch with Yass Valley Times to share details of what to expect, the cause, and some comments about the importance to the community.

Biggest Morning Tea at Vine Church this Saturday

“It’s important because it brings the community together in supporting a very important function, to help people with cancer and make sure enough funding is provided,’’ said Pastor Gary. “It’s vital that people dig deep for these sorts of things.’’

“This is another opportunity for us to reach out into the community, to encourage the community to be a community, and to help those in need,”

This morning tea fundraising event comes as the second hosted by Vine Church, with the former held last year. Last year’s event was met with success, reaching a fundraising target of $1400. Hopes are high for this year, with aims to outdo last year’s event and reach a fundraising target of $1500.

As for what to expect, as well as morning tea, various entertainment-based performances and activities will be present, with entertainment including local artists and choirs having offered a hand in providing live music. Those who donate to the event will be contenders for a hamper prize, with one name admission for every $10 donated. The winner will be drawn on the day, with the hamper prize filled with local goods procured by local businesses, who have offered their support. The food available will include dairy-free and gluten-free options for those with dietary requirements, with church community members volunteering to provide food and cooking.

Tasty treats are being prepared

“It should be a great day, lots of food, lots of activities, especially for kids, prizes”, commented Maddy, co-leader of the kitchen events ministry team.

The fundraiser’s cause is to support the Cancer Council, with the charity group providing multiple services including specific cancer nurses to aid people throughout their journey, offering support to the families with counselling, placing money into research, and prevention campaigns such as raising awareness.

On the church’s role, interest in the community, and those considering contributing or joining the fight against cancer, Gary Brown simply explained;

“We historically have had a community focus in everything we do.’’

“If they haven’t already I would encourage them to have an outward-looking focus, to be aware and socialised to the needs of our community, especially physical needs. Everybody is welcome at Vine Church, we are not exclusive, we are not selective, everybody from all walks of life is welcome and will be made welcome,” said Pastor Gary.

Griffin Palen