Enrolments are now open for Bowning Public School’s Kindergarten to Year 6 classes of 2024. Located at 147 Bowning Road in the village of Bowning, NSW, Bowning Public School is a quaint, smaller yet personalised education space, with open spaces to promote natural play, strong connection and involvement with wildlife and community, while still offering all the same programs and standards parents should expect.


Principal Belinda Brown spoke to the Yass Valley Times about the school, further explaining the individualised and personalised support to students, the relationships students form with each other and the school, as well as the opportunities and programs present, all with a strong sense of enthusiasm and pride in her school.


Belonging to a village with a population hovering around the mid-hundreds, Bowning Public School is a small school. However, Belinda strongly believes this to be a great advantage, stating that students are “not a number” and instead sees the environment as one that allows for a more personalised approach to students, fostering long-term relationships, a sense of identity and community, sense of safety, and prevents students from falling behind.

Ready for Kindergarten 2024

All of this is maintained while still being appreciative of what larger schools have to offer, simply not wanting people to overlook the smaller schools in the area.

“Small schools mean that every child has individualised support every day, every lesson. I really wanted to share that with our classes there is a lot of teacher support, and we don’t program the same way some larger schools can because we know our children really well. We know them academically, as well as socially and emotionally. There’s a lot of support for the whole child, which is just amazing”, said Belinda,

“As a teacher and principal, I get to spend quality learning time with every student in every lesson and it’s just lovely to know what the children need and be able to make school decisions based on what they need for the classroom. We can connect with them, we value them, we accept them and then we help them to grow”.


“Small schools allow students the opportunity to thrive, not just survive. It’s in my head when I make decisions every day”.


As a result, the students form tighter friendships and greater camaraderie, with little opportunity to be left behind or fall into the background.


“They’re always including each other, it’s not often you’ll see a child on their own because they have connected on a different level than they might in some larger schools. All of this creates a good self-image, strong sensitivities to others feelings, and understanding that it does matter to take care of each other”


Extracurricular activities available at Bowning Public School include the same sports competitions and activities as parents should expect across NSW, including gymnastics, AFL and football, with other activities including school camps for years 3-6 students, creative arts camps, breakfast club, music programs, and community programs including Junior Landcare group, involving gardening,  as well as a Yarning circle with local Indigenous Elders. Playgroup is also available on the school grounds.

“The teacher, parent, student and community relationships enhance and engage our learning, and this synergy provides the best possible learning environment”, said Belinda.


Bowning Public School is up to date on all amenities and technology, however, still offers old records, photos and paper copies of documents stretching back over a century in its impressive library.

Bowning Public School is also preparing for its 175th in 2024 – Students Emlyn Hudson and Bella Boulding with Principal Belinda Brown. Photo credit Jasmin Jones


Due to its smaller and more personalised approach to relationships, Belinda has come to know her staff and students very well, praising her team for their experience and capabilities and feeling incredibly rewarded for being able to work with them.


“My team here is phenomenal, the teachers at this school. Our K-2 teacher brings a wealth of experience”, said Belinda,


“The school gives back to me. I can’t imagine being anywhere else now”.


Bowning Public School is set to celebrate its 175th birthday this October, a testament to the school’s success as one of the oldest and longest-running inland schools in Australia.


Griffin Palen