“I loved drawing as a kid, and it just grew from there”, said Joe Logue from Designs by Joe, Yass’s local design and signage specialists.

“We start from the ground up, everything from logo design all the way through to business cards, flyers, vehicle wraps, banners, any kind of promotional signage”, summarised Joe on the businesses focus; branding for local businesses, extending even to work uniforms and clothing merchandise/advertising; “We just started doing heat pressed shirts”, confirmed Joe. 


Available at Designs by Joe includes services such as graphic design, logo design, business cards, flyers, letterheads, brochures, posters, booklets, the printing of vehicle signage, banners, magnetic signs, vinyl cut graphics, signage and installation of window frosting, vehicle wrapping, billboards, vinyl lettering/graphics and trailers. 


Both Joe and Nat are ‘born and bred’ Yass locals with Designs by Joe in the signage and branding industry since 2007.


“We wanted to build our business and family in town”


On being in business in Yass Valley Joe stressed  “It’s everything.”


“It keeps everything in the community and helps everyone grow together”, commented co-owner Nat, with Joe agreeing; “We definitely support people who support us.”

On why services such as theirs are important to businesses, Joe said it’s making your business look its best, with strong presentation and recognisable branding to set your business apart from others 


“Having a strong identity is the biggest thing, with all of our customers we try to keep it consistent, everywhere you look you’ll recognise that’s their logo, that’s their vehicles, it reflects back on them and it reflects back on us”, said Joe, with Nat agreeing; “Its about being seen in the industry”, Nat summarised. 

The Yass Valley Times welcomes Designs By Joe aboard as our newest advertisers – thank you for supporting our local paper which supports our community & local businesses

While the branding and signage are for independent businesses, Joe believes there is still a certain recognisable theme that, as previously stated, reflects on them, and is something of a point of pride. 


“When people come in and say we saw your work just driving around, and they didn’t even have to see the logo sticker before they knew it was something we’d done, we built our brand to be recognisable”, said Joe. 

Joe & Nat Logue work as a team at their Laidlaw Street workshop & office to create striking signage for local organisations & businesses including sole traders

Joe and Nat work together as a team, and speak highly of each other’s efforts and input, with Joe as the creative lead who Nat describes as, “He works all hours of the day and night, always going above and beyond to make sure things are met. If people have tight timelines we do try to get everything done for them. We spend a lot of time trying to get everything right, he’s a perfectionist.”


Joe praises Nat’s work in return, saying she “Does everything, I couldn’t do it without her. She’s out here installing, running machines, she is very capable”


Recent notable jobs by Designs by Joe you may have seen include JSC Concreting, Canberra Roofing’s vehicles, Capital Chemist, and even schools such as Yass Public School’s custom totem poles, and event-based pieces such as the mounting and installation of Yass High School’s ANZAC Memorial plaques. 

Griffin Palen