The Australian Greens are pleased to announce Vivian Harris as their House of Representatives candidate for the seat of Eden Monaro in the upcoming federal election.

Vivian has lived in the Bega Valley for the past four years and is a teacher, holds qualifications in veterinary and environmental science and currently works in retail. A mother, grandmother and long-time climate activist, her announcement fittingly comes amidst International Women’s Day and the extreme wet and stormy weather sweeping the Eden Monaro electorate.

Immediate implementation of proven solutions to the climate crisis will be a primary campaign focus for Vivian.

“For decades science has warned of the increasing intensity of weather events. Failure by successive LNP and ALP governments to act on these warnings means we are now living in the era of climate catastrophe. The 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires in Eden Monaro and the current disastrous flooding in northern NSW are tastes of what is to come if we don’t act on the science immediately and decisively”, Vivian said.

The Greens climate policies include net-zero by 2035 or sooner, and Australia to play a leadership role in multilateral negotiations for global carbon emissions reduction

“Unlike both major parties, The Greens do not take corporate donations from the fossil fuel industry so our policies properly address the climate crisis and our failing ecological life support systems”, Vivian explained.

Vivian is also extremely concerned that many Australians are being left behind financially. “I have lived in low socio-economic areas for most of my life and once lived on Jobseeker, so I know the anxiety of rising rents and bills”, she said.

“The Greens and I will fight for a fairer future based on caring for the environment and people. For far too long government policies have benefited billionaires and corporations instead of ordinary Australians. The Greens policies for a jobs guarantee, affordable housing, quality free education and health, sustainable infrastructure and manufacturing will ensure that everyone can live in dignity and have meaningful work.”

Another important focus for Vivian is a treaty with First Nations Australians and support for those suffering the intergenerational trauma of dispossession. “The Uluru Statement from the Heart generously offers Australia a unique way forward to a prosperous future for all. I really want to see it accepted immediately and without reservation”.

For further inquiries please contact Vivian on 0490 312 291.