Yass Valley Council has been allocated $1,784,700 under the NSW Government’s Public Spaces Legacy Program to build an Adventure Playspace at Riverbank Park.

The funding is subject to planning acceleration targets, which Council is on track to meet.

Planning is therefore underway and the public is now invited to provide ideas and feedback on the concept designs.

Council has inspected playgrounds surrounding the local government area and engaged Group GSA to develop the two concept designs: ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and ‘A Riverland Adventure’.

Both designs offer a variety of activities to engage a broad age group and feature a flying fox, a passive open space, amenities, BBQ facilities, a fitness station, signage, new plantings and new seating.

“Where the Wild Things Are” design

The concept design for Where The Wild Things Are specifically features a sky tower with climbing nets and giant spiral slide, a climbing slope with ropes and nets, a spinning net and climber, an activity tower for infants, a double swing, a basket swing, a cubby house and stepping logs.

The concept design for A Riverland Adventure specifically features a sky tower with climbing nets, an embankment slide, a climbing slope with ropes, an activity tower for infants, a double swing, a zodiac swing, a hammock swing, a carousel and stepping logs.

“A Riverland Adventure” design

Neither design is fully fenced. If residents believe a fully fenced playground is important or unnecessary then feedback should also be given on elements you want to see included.

Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey said the new Adventure Playspace at Riverbank Park will provide a lot of fun and a fantastic meeting place for all ages.

“We are delighted to deliver the Riverbank Park Adventure Playground for the Yass Valley community and visitors. This will provide the community with an exciting meeting place and a fabulous space for children and teenagers,” Mayor Abbey said.

Members of the public can view the designs and provide feedback during October here: www.yassvalley.nsw.gov.au/our-council/public-consultation/article/1326.

The existing play equipment at Riverbank Park has reached its end of life and will be disposed when the new Adventure Playspace is constructed.

Council hopes to begin construction mid-2022 and complete the Adventure Playspace by Christmas 2022.

For more information on the Public Spaces Legacy Program, please visit: www.planning.nsw.gov.au/Policy-and-Legislation/Planning-reforms/NSW-Public-Spaces-Legacy-Program.

“A Riverland Adventure” Design details

“Where the Wild Things Are” Design details