Coming out of winter with predictions of a hot, sunny El Nino summer ahead, Yass Valley residents are looking for a way to keep their homes cool without breaking the bank, with perhaps the most efficient way also being the simplest; keeping the sun out with good quality shutters, blinds and awnings, as well as offering peace of mind with good privacy. 


Fortunately, locally owned and operated business DF Installations has the Yass Valley covered, offering affordable and reliable installation services for all your blinds, shutters, awnings and more in Yass, Canberra and surrounding regions. 


“I do a bit of all of it really”, said David Field from DF Installations, and while typically specialising in blinds and shutters, particularly at this time of year, other services include curtains, awnings, screens, as well as the means to transform your outdoor space to be used all year round, and create functional indoor areas, ranging from standard fixtures to high-end electric and modern amenities.


 DF Installations is now supplying and installing security doors and fly screens in various sizes and colours for a special, full-measure approach to your home.

DF Installations can look after your security & screen door needs

Set apart by his experience, efficiency and competitive rates, David offers a personalised approach to your home, on account of being a local which has fostered familiarity and long-term business relationships, with experience working locally having allowed him to “know the area well, and a lot of the people well”. 


 “I’m a local with plenty of experience, I’ve been in the industry for twenty years”, said David.


“I originally worked for Firth Furnishings straight out of school, then went and did a couple of other things before I got back into the business. I’ve been doing my own thing here now for about six or seven years”. 

DF Installations can transform your windows with plantation shutters

For those interested in putting in a touch-up or revamping their windows and doors, or who are concerned with the challenges hot and sunny weather may bring to keeping your home cool, David recommends looking into having installations done now, both to beat the heat before it’s needed and get in before the Christmas to New Year rush while you still can.


“Start looking now, get in before Christmas”, said David, offering residents to “get some competitive prices and reliable, efficient work done”. 


For curious residents, DF Installations offers a free measure and quote and is contactable by 0435 790 321. 


Griffin Palen