A group of local mothers under the dynamic leadership of Adrienne Steward (Founder of the Bush Fire Recovery Relief effort in Yass) are surveying the public on the type of businesses and services that people would like to see in the community.

“So that we can take that back to the Yass Business Mums and potentially see how some of those needs could be fulfilled with existing businesses in Yass Valley, and also look at where new opportunities might be able to be explored,” Ms Steward explained.

Ms Steward said their group hopes to work closely with the Yass Valley Business Chamber and other organisations in the region to help support our local businesses and hopefully bring more consumer dollars back to our community.

“We really want to encourage people to shop locally wherever possible, and the first step to doing that is to find out what people want,” Ms Steward said.

Posing the question over social media, more than 400 responses were received with approximately 150 suggestions.

Yass Business Mums at a recent networking event at Tootsie

Some of the top suggestions included a heated swimming pool, a working cinema inside a refurbished Liberty Theatre, specialty restaurants such as Sushi-bar, Indian, Italian, Kebabs, Icecreamery.

Indoor play centre for little kids and youth, youth refuge and more youth services and activities, affordable fashion outlet for mature women, hydrotherapy pool and laundromat to name a few.

“Some issues have a relatively straightforward fix, others are more complicated and require input from multiple sources in terms of planning and funding,” Ms Steward said.

Yass Business Mums is a networking group that provides a supportive environment for mums in big or small business including home-based enterprises.

“We are also hoping to build a program of guest speakers throughout the year that will help inspire our members to grow, as well as give them the tools and knowledge in order to do so,” Ms Steward added.

To make a suggestion of retail items/services you would like to see in Yass Valley please send to stewardess@tpg.com.au