Something a little bit different this week – a little quiz about the Yass Valley wine region.  So, lube your lips and test your mettle.

Photo of Brent Lello - Yass Valley Wine Advocate

Brent Lello – Yass Valley Wine Columnist

Which white grape variety is sometimes blended with Shiraz?

  • Riesling
  • Chardonnay
  • Viognier

Established in 1971, which is the region’s oldest winery to still be operating?

  • Clonakilla Wines
  • Jeir Creek Wines
  • Brindabella Hills Wines

Which wine show is held right here in the Yass Valley region?

  • Canberra Region Wine Show
  • Australian Cool Climate Wine Show
  • NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show

At which cellar door can you find the original and heritage-listed 1888 Toual Schoolhouse?

  • Helm Wines
  • Murrumbateman Winery
  • Eden Road Wines

The number of hectares of vines that are planted in the Canberra Region is closer to?

  • 120
  • 220
  • 320

Which winery’s name is associated with the ‘magic carpet’ in The Arabian Nights?

  • McKellar Ridge Wines
  • Four Winds Vineyard
  • Gallagher Wines

Since the Australian Cool Climate Wine Show started in 1999, how many times has a Yass Valley winery won the Best Wine of Show?

  • None
  • Two
  • Four

Which local wine brand draws its label references from political life in the ACT?

  • Surveyors Hill Wines
  • Capital Wines
  • Granitevale Wines

Which winery is named after the original custodian expression for “Running Water”?

  • Yarrh Wines
  • Wimbaliri Wines
  • Mallaluka Wines

The genesis of one of the region’s most popular blends – Shiraz Viognier – is from which European wine region?

  • Chianti, Italy
  • Rhone Valley, France
  • Rioja, Spain

Which of the following is not likely to be a descriptor for a Shiraz from the Yass Valley region?

  • Blackberry
  • Ripe Cherry
  • Strawberry

Which cellar door has a glass sculpture made up of a collection of wine glasses to filter the light into the stairwell leading to the cellar below?

  • Dionysus Wines
  • Shaw Wines
  • Sholto Wines

Which winery regularly hosts Aussie music icons such as Jimmy Barnes, Ross Wilson, Kate Ceberano, Joe Camilleri and many others?

  • Tallagandra Hill Wines
  • Briarhill Wines
  • Dog Trap Vineyard

Which compound is responsible for inducing the spicy, pepper aromas often found in the cool climate red wines from the Yass Valley region?

  • Rotundone
  • Panetone
  • Gyrodundene


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